Arrests…suppression and beating…continuous sit-in in Sheikh Jarrah
February 18, 2022

For the second consecutive week, the occupation authorities continue to impose their closure and siege on the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem on one hand, and the attacks and provocations of settlers in the neighborhood on the other hand, while a sit-in continues in the neighborhood.

On Friday, the "Noon, Afternoon, Evening, and Night" prayers were held in the middle of the neighborhood.

A demonstration was also organized and roamed the streets of the neighborhood, and the forces suppressed the participants by beating and pushing them until they were expelled from the "western part", and followed them towards the entrances to the neighborhood to prevent them from being in the place or returning to the sit-in area "the vicinity of the tent of Ben Gavir."

The demonstration extended to the outskirts of Street No. 1, amid the settlers' provocations and they raised the Israeli flag, and the cavalry teams drove the demonstrators away.

The forces also threw sound bombs at the demonstrators at the main entrance to the neighborhood.

The streets of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood turned into a hit-and-run scene between the occupation forces and young men until the evening hours.

The forces also broke the tables and chairs of the sit-in, attempting to confiscate them. They also destroyed the symbolic office of the Jerusalemite activist, Muhammad Abu al-Hummus, and beat and pushed him.

Al-Wad Street

For the second day, the settlers assaulted the young men in Al-Wad Street. The forces arrested 3 young men, including Khaled Al-Sukhon and Sufian Al-Ajlouni.


The occupation forces carried out separate arrests from the city of Jerusalem, and the lawyer of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Jerusalem, stated that the forces arrested Amir Sinokrot from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, Mustafa Shweiki from Al-Tur, and Fouad Saed Al-Din from the area of Herods Gate.