Sheikh Jarrah- Freezing the decision to evict the Salem family from its home
February 22, 2022

On Tuesday, the occupation court froze the decision to “evacuate the Salem family” from their home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, in return for a payment of 25,000 shekels.

The family's lawyer, Majed Ghanayem, explained that the court approved his request, "to cancel the decision to vacate Fatima Salem's house and to freeze the decision issued by the Implementation and Procedure Department until a decision is made on the appeal submitted to the court, which was accompanied by various allegations."

Lawyer Majed Ghanayem pointed out that the "Implementation and Procedure Department" had issued a decision "ordering the implementation of the decision to evict the family, which was issued in 1988, from the beginning of March until the beginning of April" this year.

Jews claim ownership of the property in which the Salem family lived since before 1948.

The Salem family has been living for years in the property of the father of Hajja Fatima Salem, and then Fatima and her sons and grandsons, and paid rent to the Jordanian government, and after 1967 the family began paying the rent to the Israeli “Absentee Property Department.” In 1988, the Magistrate Court issued a decision to evict the family from the property, and the settlers returned in 2015 demanding the implementation of the decision, then returned at the end of last year and handed the family the decision from the Implementations and Procedures Department, and it was frozen after the decision was appealed. At the end of last January, the eviction decision was issued, which was to be implemented from 1/3/2022 until 1/4/2022. Today, the lawyer was able to freeze the last eviction decision.

Extremist Knesset member Itamar Ben Gavir is still setting up his office in the middle of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, on the land of the Salem family, and the forces impose a complete siege on the area by establishing checkpoints and deploying in the neighborhood.