Shu’fat…some of them under arrest- A Tawjihi student released under conditions…spoiling the joy of the residents
July 31, 2022

"The occupation stole my joy…In a moment I was celebrating among my family and friends and then I was inside the interrogation rooms and I suffered from various aches after they beat me." This is what high school student Naim Al-Ammouri from Shu’fat said after his release.

Three students from the town of Shu’fat and their families were prevented by the occupation from celebrating their success in the high school exams. About an hour after the results were announced and their families exchanged congratulations, the forces stormed the town of Shu’fat, and carried out various attacks, "breaking into homes, arrests, beatings, and issued fines to vehicles." The student Naim Al-Ammouri explained what happened to him and said: “I went out to celebrate with my friends in front of my house, so the forces stormed the place, beat me and arrested me. I was hit on the face, neck and back, and then I was referred for investigation for long hours on suspicion of “assaulting the police”, then I was released on Saturday evening, on condition of house arrest for a week and signing a cash guarantee.”

Mahdi Al-Ammouri said that 13 people were arrested from the town of Shu’fat, from several families, "Swailem, Lotfi, Dais, and Al-Ammouri," and among the detainees were 3 Tawjihi students.

Al-Ammouri pointed out that on Saturday, the forces stormed several houses and attacked the residents.

The residents of Shu’fat explained that the forces stormed the houses and destroyed their contents during the attack on the residents and the arrests were made from inside the houses.

As for the names of those arrested from Shu’fat on Saturday, they are:

1. Jihad Khalaf Dais

2. Mahmoud Khalaf Dais

3. Ahmed Munther Dais

4. Islam Haitham Dais

5. Aziz Haitham Dais

6. Aref Abed Dais

7. Ahmed Mohamed Swailem

8. Amin Muhammad Swailem

9. Khaled Mohammed Swailem

10. Naim Ehab Al-Ammouri

11. Adham Samer Khader

12. Eyas Mahmoud Lotfi

13. Mahmoud Eyas Lotfi