Administrative detention…extending the arrest of a Jerusalemite journalist
September 5, 2022

On Sunday, the occupation court extended the detention of the Jerusalemite journalist Lama Ghosheh until next Wednesday to complete the investigation, after she was arrested on Saturday from her home in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem.

The occupation authorities renewed the administrative detention of the Jerusalemite prisoner Salah al-Hammouri for a period of 3 months for the third consecutive time.

The occupation forces arrested Salah Al-Hammouri, 36 years old, last March, after storming his house in Kufor Aqab, north of Jerusalem.

The prosecution of Al-Hammouri began 21 years ago, and he explained in a previous interview that he was arrested for the first time in 2001 for a period of 5 months, and in 2004 he was detained under administrative detention for 4 months, and in 2005 he was sentenced to 7 years in prison, then he was arrested in 2017 for a period of 13 months under administrative detention.

In 2020, the occupation intelligence handed a decision to the freed prisoner Salah Hammouri about the “intent of the Minister of Interior in the occupation government to withdraw his residency in Jerusalem, “identity”, under the pretext of posing threat to the occupation state and his disloyalty to it and being an active member in the Popular Front.” In October 2021, the "Minister of Justice in the occupation government and the legal advisor approved the decision to withdraw his identity.

The occupation authorities dispersed Salah Hammouri’s family after his French wife was deported to France in 2016, while she was seven months pregnant. She was detained in the airport for three days while coming home to her house in Jerusalem, and was deported and banned from entering the country for 10 years.

During the past years, the occupation authorities prevented Al-Hammouri from entering the West Bank for two years.

On Sunday afternoon, the occupation intelligence arrested Amjad Ghroof after storming his house in the Old City of Jerusalem.