A "catheter operation" on Sunday- MP Ahmed Attoun fell ill hours after his arrest
May 5, 2023

The detained Jerusalemite MP Ahmed Attoun, 55, is in Shaare Zedek Hospital, after his health condition deteriorated.

The occupation forces arrested MP Attoun, at dawn Thursday, after storming his house in the city of Bethlehem. Hours after the arrest, the family learned that he had been transferred to the hospital for treatment. During the examinations, it was found that he had symptoms of a "heart attack", including a rise in diabetes and blood pressure.

Attoun's family explained in a phone call that next Sunday a catheterization operation will be performed on MP Attoun, while the family is prevented from visiting him and checking on him.

The family pointed out that the hospital guards forced them yesterday to leave the emergency department and the hospital yard, and today they prevented his wife and son from entering the room where he lies to check on his health condition, and the female soldier demanded them to leave the hospital immediately and that visits are prohibited.

The Prisoner Club held the occupation responsible for the life of MP Attoun, and called on all relevant authorities to urgently move to find out the exact details of the health status of prisoner Attoun, stressing that sick cases among the prisoners are on the rise.

Constant pursuit...

• Repeated arrests against MP Attoun... the first in 1988 and the last in May 2023.

• The number of arrests exceeded 25 times, and he spent about 17 years in the occupation prisons.

• Since 2012, he has been suffering from repeated administrative detentions.

• He was released from the last administrative detention in November 2022.

• In 2006, the Minister of the Interior in the occupation government decided to withdraw the "Israeli identities" of MP’s Ahmed Attoun, Mohammad Abu Tair, Mohammad Totah, and the former Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Khaled Abu Arafa, under the pretext of "disloyalty to the State of Israel," after their participation in the 2006 Legislative Council elections. Then they were all subjected to actual arrest.

• In 2010, the MP’s and the former minister of Jerusalem received decisions to deport them from the city of Jerusalem.

• In 2010, the MP’s announced an open sit-in at the headquarters of the Red Cross in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the city, rejecting the decisions to deport them, and after the re-arrest of MP Abu Tair to deport him from the city.

• In September 2011, MP Ahmed Attoun was arrested from the Red Cross headquarters, and in January 2012, MP Totah and Minister Abu Arafa were arrested from the sit-in.