Administrative detention and the release of a photojournalist and 3 Fatah movement cadres
May 29, 2023

On Monday, the occupation police released a photojournalist and 3 Fatah movement cadres in Jerusalem, after they arrested them from Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Jerusalem governorate media stated that the police released Ahed Al-Risheq, Iyad Bashir, and Hashem Shqeir, “Fatah movement cadres,” and the photojournalist, Ahmed Jalajel.

The Jerusalem governorate media added that the forces arrested 3 Fatah movement cadres in the afternoon from Al-Aqsa, to prevent them from conducting the “Hajj” lottery presented by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to Jerusalemites.

The photojournalist Ahmed Jalajel explained that the forces assaulted him while he was working in Al-Aqsa.

On the other hand, the occupation authorities renewed the administrative detention of Wael Sabteh for a period of 4 months.