Settlers attack the residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood with bullets and stones
June 3, 2023

Settlers attacked, on Saturday evening, 3 families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, with bullets, stones and pepper spray.

Saleh Diab - a member of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood committee - explained that the settlers attacked the Nseibeh and Hamad families, with stones, while they were walking and heading to the so-called " Tomb of Simeon the Just” in the middle of the neighborhood.

Diab added that a group of settlers present in the "tomb" threw stones at his house, while the family members were present in the front yard of their home.

Diab explained that he and his family members immediately went to the place of the “Tomb”, during which one of the settlers fired a bullet in his direction - noting that the aggressor settler lives in one of the houses that were taken over -, and another settler sprayed pepper gas on a young man from the family.