Under pressure from the settlers and by a decision from the municipality - removing the "Dome of the Al-Rahman Mosque" in Beit Safafa to change its color and shorten its height
June 14, 2023

The occupation municipality forced the residents of the village of Beit Safafa to "remove the dome of the Al-Rahman Mosque", in the village, to shorten its height and change its color from gold to silver.

The residents of Beit Safafa explained that they removed the dome to shorten the height of the "pillars that support the dome", and changed the color of the golden dome to silver, in order to protect the upper floor and the dome from demolition.

The residents explained that a year ago the municipality had issued a decision to demolish the upper floor of the mosque and the dome under the pretext of building without a license, and after several deliberations they reached an "agreement" which was the least harmful to the mosque, and the construction of a minaret for the mosque was also approved.

The Al-Rahman Mosque in the village of Beit Safafa is one of the oldest mosques in the village, and a year and a half ago, the residents built an upper floor for the mosque due to the need for it, in addition to a golden dome on top of it, and since that time the voices of the settlers and the demands to demolish the dome began to rise.

The settlers' incitement against the mosque continued for the past period, and the demands to demolish the dome continued, where it was stated in their demands that this golden dome is an attempt to show the village as part of a holy compound in Jerusalem, where Israelis are prohibited from entering, which is a manifestation of Islamic sovereignty, and it must be demolished so that it does not become a “holy place”.