Arresting 8 Jerusalemites
July 19, 2023

On Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 8 Jerusalemites from the town of Silwan and the neighborhood of Al-Sowaneh in the city of Jerusalem.
Wadi Hilweh Information Center- Jerusalem explained that the forces attacked late in the evening, a vehicle in the Al-Sowaneh neighborhood in the city of Jerusalem, and after stopping it, the forces arrested those inside it.
In the town of Silwan, the forces attacked a vehicle in the evening hours, and arrested those inside it.
Mohammad Mahmoud, the lawyer of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem,explained that the forces arrested: Rida Nasser, Mahmoud Nasser, Omar Awadallah, Amir Salaymeh, Mohammad Jibreen, Amir Sawahreh, Mohammad Sharif, and Ahmed Abu Mayaleh.