Details of assaulting five prisoners and their families inside the District Court
March 22, 2016

The occupation police released on Tuesday the 50-year old Salah Abu Kaf, father of prisoner Mohammad Abu Kaf, after detaining and assaulting him during the hearing held at the District Court for Mohammad and four other prisoners from the village of Sur Baher.

Abu Kaf explained that the occupation police released him with a 1000-NIS bail. He pointed out that he suffered a fracture in one of his fingers and was bruised in different parts of his body after the court’s guards and the “Nahshon” unit assaulted him and 5 other prisoners and their families.

Abu Kaf added that the police arrested him from the District Court and handcuffed him despite his injury. He explained that he called an ambulance which transferred him to the hospital to receive treatment; police individuals accompanied him. After receiving treatment, he was transferred to Salah Eddin Street police station and then to Al-Maskobyeh police center.

Despite his injury, the police extended his arrest for 24 hours and released him on Tuesday with a bail.

The injury of 5 prisoners with bruises

Abu Kaf explained that the occupation authorities assaulted and severely beat five prisoners. They are: Mohammad Abu Kaf, Abed Dwayyat, Ali Sabra, Walid Al-Atrash and Mohammad Tawil. They also assaulted their families who were inside the courtroom for no reason.

Brutal assault on 5 prisoners and their families

Abu Kaf explained that the prisoners and their families were assaulted in a brutal and racist. Prisoner Dwayyat asked the guard to loosen the handcuffs and suddenly the guard and “Nahshon” individuals surrounded him and severely beat him along with the other prisoners. They also dragged them in the corridors of the building and on the stairs and continued to assault them inside the court’s waiting room.

Abu Kaf added that settlers attempted to join the “Nahshon” individuals during their assault on the family members and one of them tried to beat his 13-year old son Karim.

Abu Kaf pointed out that the assault occurred while on a break during the witnesses’ hearing session held for their children which lasted for several hours.

Prisoner Abed Dwayyat

Abed’s mother explained that her son was wounded in his head and was injured with several bruises. The other prisoners were also wounded and bruises and signs or beating and assault were obvious on them when they were brought inside the courtroom. She explained that her son’s shirt was full of blood and the prisoners did not receive any kind of treatment or initial check-up.

Appeal and complaint

The families of the five prisoners appealed for local and international human rights organizations to stop the assaults against prisoners and their families during court session.

The families confirmed they are in the process of filing an official complaint to the competent authorities regarding the assault they were subject to along with their sons.