Nature and Parks authority conduct a wide sabotaging and destruction operation in Jerusalem
March 30, 2016

The occupation bulldozers carried out a wide operation of demolishing and sweeping agricultural establishments and lands in several neighborhoods in the city of Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the so-called “Nature and Parks authority” carried out on Tuesday a demolition, sweeping and sabotaging operation against agricultural establishments and lands at risk of being confiscated in favor of the so-called “National Parks”.

He center explained that the bulldozers demolished 13 establishments owned by seven Jerusalemites in Silwan, Al-Tur and Al-Sowaneh. The demolition affected a children’s playground, barracks for livestock and horses, warehouses and rooms used for agriculture.


The occupation bulldozer demolished a livestock barracks and a room owned by Ramadan Shabaneh in the village of Al-Tur. the barracks was nearly 100 square meters and the room was 20 square meters. It also demolished an agricultural room and a barracks owned by Mohammad Abulhawa in addition to sweeping trees planted around the land. The bulldozer also damaged a 12-sqaure meters “container” owned by Naeem Abu Sbitan which was used as storage area.


The occupation bulldozers demolished a room, a wall and a barracks owned by Mahmoud Jaradat.

Jaradat family explained that the establishment was build nearly 10 years ago and the demolition operation came without prior notice.  The room was 16 square meters, built from tin plates and used as a chickens’ coop.


The bulldozers demolished a 16-square meters horses’ barracks owned by Mohammad Sarhan and also demolished a chickens’ coop and swept an agricultural land that was planted with trees, corps and seedlings by Sumrein family.

The occupation bulldozers also demolished a private children’s playground owned by Khaled Al-Zeer, swept the land, demolished the walls around the land (stonewall) and demolished a 12-square meters room that was used for livestock and as storage area for the family.