Pictures: Damaging Wadi Hilweh Park and setting it on fire
September 24, 2016

Unknown people damaged Wadi Hilweh Park owned by Madaa Creative Center on Saturday early morning in the village of Silwan. 

Madaa Center explained in a statement that the locals witnessed fire in the neighborhood’s park and were able to control it and put it off immediately. Minutes later, they saw fire starting in another place in the park and were also able to control it.

After checking the park in the morning, the damage was revealed as the children’s play area was damaged and the wood was burned; the restroom and which is a barracks was also damaged.

The center added that multiple assaults were carried against the park lately and the most dangerous was the latest as it was set on fire and the toys and play area were destroyed.

Madaa Center and Wadi Hilweh committee denounced the deliberate assault on the neighborhood’s park which is considered the only park in the area, they said: “This assault only benefits external agenda that aims at damaging the property of the locals of Silwan and spreading discord among the people of the town as well as instilling fear in the hearts of children who use the park and its facilities.”