Dozens of arrests executed in the village of Esawyeh
January 30, 2018

The occupation forces arrested on Tuesday early morning dozens of Jerusalemites after raiding their homes in the village of Esawyeh.

Mohammad Abu Hummos, member of follow-up committee in the village of Esawyeh, explained that the occupation forces raided the village in the early morning hours supported by a helicopter. After deploying in the neighborhoods of the village, the forces stormed the locals’ houses and executed multiple arrests and handed several calls for interrogation.

Abu Hummos added that the forces transferred the detainees from the eastern entrance of the village to detention center using a designated bus.

Abu Hummos also added that the forces raided the house of Mohammad Rashad Abu Ryaleh after surrounding it. They used wooden ladders to knock on windows and damaged one window and pulled the curtains before storming in.

Also, the forces raided several houses under the pretext of “accumulation of unpaid debt to the Israeli department”. They made some of them pay amounts of money and gave others only hours to do so.

The forces seized more than 100 “propane gas cylinders” after raiding a container in the village.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the detainees of the village of Esawyeh were:

  1. Issa Mohammad Abu Ryaleh (16)

  2. Mohammad Zakaria Alayan (17)

  3. Shadi Mohammad Atyeh (17)

  4. Amir Akram Atyeh (17)

  5. Abdullah Bader Abu Asab (16)

  6. Mohammad Mahmoud Alayan 916)

  7. Wisam Samih Alayan 915)

  8. Mohammad Ali Dari (14)

  9. Adam Kayed Mahmoud (17)

  10. Nasim Kleib (17)

  11. Yehya Arafat Dirbas (16)

  12. Yousef Bilal Abu Hummos (19)

  13. Daoud Yousef Atyeh (19)

  14. Bashar Mohammad Mheisen

  15. Ashraf Wael Obeid

  16. Abdelqader Mohammad Obeid

  17. Mohammad Mohyee Al-Din Abu Sneineh (18)

  18. Nasim Sami Mheisen

  19. Mahmoud Mohammad Abu Aweis

  20. Ahmad Abed Abu Roumi

Local sources in the village added that the forces also arrested:

  1. Mahmoud Asem Obeid

  2. Anas Abu Asab

  3. Mohannad Naser Mahmoud

  4. Nidal Mahmoud

  5. Issa Naser Mahmoud

  6. Hamed Shafiq Obeid

  7. Mahmoud Shafiq Obeid

  8. Mohammad Shawkat Obeid

  9. Bashar Mahmoud

  10. Rashad Abu Ryaleh

  11. Saleh Na’eem Mheisen

  12. Amir Khaldoun Mustafa

  13. Ma’moon Basel Mahmoud