Funeral processions of Martyr Abu Mayaleh…injuries and arrests in the village of Issawiya
June 19, 2019


On Wednesday, Jerusalemites participated in the funeral processions of Martyr Musa Abu Mayaleh, 68, from Shu'fat refugee camp north of the occupied city of Jerusalem, after performing a prayer to his soul in Al Aqsa Mosque.

Khader Dibs, the coordinator of the National Committee for the Resistance of Judaization, said that Martyr Abu Mayaleh was attacked by the Musta’ribeen individuals (undercover police) about a month ago, after he confronted them during the arrest of a boy from the refugee camp. He suffered multiple fractures in various parts of his body.

In the village of Issawiya, clashes broke out in the evening between the Israeli occupation forces and the residents, following the storming of the village.

The follow-up committee in Issawiya said that three Jerusalemites were taken to the hospital. The activist Mohammed Abu Hummos was bruised and suffocated, and Fathi Abu Hummos suffered a broken nose and bruises while a woman also suffocated.

The committee added that the Israeli occupation forces severely beat the people of the village, and randomly fired rubber bullets and sound grenades, without paying any attention to the presence of boys and women in the streets.

The committee explained that the Israeli occupation forces pursued the activist Mohammed Abu Hummos trying to arrest him. They pushed him with rifle butts and he fell to the ground and was then severely beaten, and sprayed him and his brother with pepper gas from close range.

The Israeli occupation forces also arrested a young man after assaulting him.

The committee added that these attacks are repeated daily in the village of Issawiya.