The Martyrdom of a freed prisoner in the village of Issawyeh
June 27, 2019

Mohammed Samir Obeid, 20, was martyred by Israeli occupation forces during the incursion into the village of Issawiya in Jerusalem, while the soldiers detained his body and delayed his arrival at the hospital after kidnapping him and establishing checkpoints in the streets of the village.
In the village of Issawiya, the birthplace of martyr Obeid, the neighborhoods and towns of Jerusalem were in a state of anger after the killing of the young man. The neighborhoods witnessed sporadic confrontations and clashes, and the youths threw Molotov cocktails and firecrackers at the settlement outposts and the soldiers who were deployed in the neighborhoods.
Mohammed Abu Hummos, member of the follow-up committee in the village of Issawiya, said that the medical sources announced the death of the young Mohammed Samir Obeid at around 9:30 pm on Thursday, after trying to save his life, where his injury was described as very critical and dangerous.

He added that the occupation forces targeted Obeid with a live bullet from close range and was wounded in the chest area where the bullet hit his heart.

While the member of the Committee Yousef Obeid said that many of the young people were injured during violent confrontations in the village after the martyrdom of Mohammed, including "a rubber bullet to the head, foot injury, suffocation and injuries by shrapnel of grenades and rubber bullets."

The Palestinian Red Crescent said that 20 youths were injured with rubber bullets and suffocationin Issawiya.

Activist Omar Atyeh, an eyewitness, said: “After the Evening prayer in the mosque, and while I was with a group of people in the village, police were in the area. During our attempt to go to see what was going on, one of the police officers pulled his gun and fired a bullet at Mohammed Samir Obeid, and then I heard the voices of young men from all directions, and during that I felt a hit to my face and then I felt the blood flowing from my head.”

He added: "After the injury of Obeid, young men were able to rid him of the occupation soldiers, and took a vehicle to transport him for treatment, but the troops stormed the village in large numbers and closed roads and alleys, and managed to kidnap the young man who was bleeding.”

Atyeh addedthat the shooter of Mohammed Obeid is a police officer.

Atyeh said that according to the doctor who was treating Mohammed,the young man was shot with a bullet in his heart, in addition to a foot injury.

It is noteworthy that Obeid is a freed prisoner, and according to sources in the village, he has spent four years in Israeli jails during "varying periods", the last of his arrests was this year, where he was arrested in January and in April. His father is a freed prisoner and his sister Sundos is also a freed prisoner, arrested several times, most recently at the end of last Ramadan.

The Israeli occupation forces assaulted the young men and patients inside the "Emergency Department in Hadassah Hospital" and prevented the family of the martyr from entering the emergency room in an attempt to ask about their son and get information regarding his condition. He was taken out from the back doors of the hospital, amid full closure of the perimeter.

Lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud said he would file a request in court on Friday morning to demand that the Martyr’s body be handed over for burial.

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 5 young men from Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood: Areen Za’aneen, Majid Saeedeh, Salah Al-Din Saeedeh, Anas Dajani and Mohammed Walid Saeedeh, and turned them over for investigationat Al-Maskoubiya police station.