Arresting 4 young men after they sanitized the area of Lions Gate- Issuing fines for worshippers
March 23, 2020


On Monday evening, the occupation forces releasedfour Jerusalemite youths who were arrested while sanitizing the area of Lions Gate - outside the gates of Al-Aqsa, and issued fines for four other youths on the pretext of "violating the decisions of the Israeli Ministry of Health" to prevent the spread of corona virus, and the occupation forces also arrested a boy from the village of Issawiya in Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center stated that the occupation forces released Mohammad Dabbagh, Mahmoud Salaymeh, ZiadSharifeh and Ihab Abdullatif, after interrogating them for several hours in Al-Qishla police station, about the sterilization of the area of Lions Gate, on condition that they attend an investigation on Tuesday, and the sterilization equipment were confiscated.

After the end of the Night Prayer, the occupation police issued fines for four Jerusalemites, 5 thousand shekels each, on the pretext of "violating the Ministry of Health instructions" by gathering and praying in the area.

The youths confirmed that they performed the prayer at the doorsteps of Al-Aqsa, and were committed to leaving a distance between them, and despite that the police pursued them and issued them fines.

Worshipers performed the prayers on the doorsteps of Al-Aqsa, after the Endowment Council suspended the entry of worshipers to it, to prevent the spread of the virus, while dozens of Islamic Endowment employees performed the prayers inside the Al-Aqsa, as the Council affirmed that all employees, workers, and guards continue to work in Al-Aqsa and practice their activities as usual, and the “Call for Prayer” will continue to be raised from Al-Aqsa Mosque at all times, provided that all the worlds in the Islamic Endowments Department and Al-Aqsa guards who are present will perform the prayers in the courtyards, taking into account health instructions.

The occupation forces also arrested the boy Reda Mohammad Obeid, from Issawiya village.

In Silwan, clashes broke out between the occupation forces and the youths, and the occupation forces closed several junctions in the town, and fired grenades.