Confiscating dozens of food parcels from Sur Baher…arrest from Issawiya
March 31, 2020


The occupation authorities continue to suppress and pursue Jerusalemite youth activities and initiatives during the Corona Virus crisis.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center, quoting eyewitnesses from Sur Baher village, south of Jerusalem, said that the occupation forces stormed the village on Tuesday evening as soon as they brought dozens of food parcels for distribution to the villagers in light of the crisis that the residents have been living in for two weeks due to restrictions imposed on the movement and not being able to work.

The witnesses added that the occupation forces stopped the bus and checked the driver's identity card, asked him questions about the parcels and asked him for an invoice. After that, they surrounded the whole storage area and assaulted the young men and fired sound and gas grenades towards them to disperse them, then stormed the place and confiscated all the parcels, and arrested 4 young men including Mohammad Attoun and Mahdi Attoun.

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the village of Issawiya several times, assaulted the residents, carried out arrests, and issued fines.

The Follow-up Committee in Issawiya indicated that the occupation forces beat a group of young men during their prayers in the courtyard of Al-Arba’een Mosque in the center of the village, and arrested Mir’ee Derbas. In the afternoon, they also arrested Fadi Abu Al-Hummos, Hussam Alayan, Mohammad Mustafa, Noor Mheisen, Majd Derbas and Daoud Derbas.

The Follow-up Committee added that the occupation forces issued a fine of 250 shekels to young men in Issawiya while they were going to buy some groceries from the grocery store. They also issued fines for the family of two young men while they were waiting for one of the detainees in front of Salah Al-Din Street Police Station in the city. Also, the police issued fines to 5 young men at the entrance of Issawiya, under the pretext of "violating the preventive procedures to limit the spread of corona virus."

The committee said: "The occupation authorities claim that the residents and families of Issawiya do not abide by the decisions issued to prevent and reduce the spread of Corona virus ... so they are arrested, beaten, and issued fines... But where are the measures taken by members of the forces storming the village in large numbers?Infantry units and vehicles…there is no distance between the soldiers, no protective masks, no gloves ... and they do not obey any of the procedures during arrest, beating, and search of vehicles."

In a related context, the police issued fines to young men in the village of Al-Tur, on the pretext of gathering, and violating instructions on the prevention of corona virus.