Silwan- Assault, arrests and fines to detainees and their bondsmen worth 22 thousand shekels
April 10, 2020

The occupation police released four young men from the Abu Tayeh family in the village of Silwan, after arresting them for several hours at the police station under the pretext of "obstructing the police work and violating the procedures to prevent corona virus.” They detainees and their bondsmen were issued fines worth 2,000 shekels.

Alaa Tawfiq Abu Tayeh and his brother Ahmed, Mahmoud Wael Abu Tayeh and his brother Mohammad, were arrested on Thursday evening, and the forces assaulted and beat them, and randomly fired bullets and grenades during the arrest operation to disperse the people who were in the place.

Alaa Abu Tayeh said to Wadi Hilweh Information Center: “I heard the sounds of grenades in the Abu Tayeh neighborhood and an attempt to issue a fine for my cousin on the pretext of opening his store and violating the prevention procedures from Corona virus. I asked the policeman to give him a warning as usual and not a citation, however, the policeman refused on the pretext that he had registered it on the device.”

He added: "Additional forces arrived, and they began to beat me without reason, they put me on the ground and they hit me on the head and face, they strangled me and I could no longer breathe and move, and then the people told them that I have a handicap in my leg (previous injury), and the policeman shot in the air, and bullets were falling around me from all sides. I was taken to the military vehicle, then an ambulance came to the medical center, but they insisted on arresting me and I was transferred to Salah El-Din Street police station in the city. "

Alaa explained that the treatment was provided to him inside the police station, and the doctors stressed the necessity of referring him to the hospital, but they insisted on investigating him on suspicion of "attacking the police and obstructing their work", but he denied the charges against him.

Fines to detainees and bondsmen

Mahmoud Abu Tayeh explained that the police released him and the family members after the investigation, and issued a fine of 5,000 shekels for each of them, as well as fines for four bondsmen who came at the request of the police to sign the release decisions (500 shekels each) under the pretext of leaving their homes!

Alaa Abu Tayeh added: "The arrests and fines were carried out illegally, and forces from the settlers' building in Silwan were asked to come to the area, and they assaulted us."

Abu Tayeh explained that he told the policeman that the settlers were gathering in a group of more than 8 individuals, but he told me: “This is not your business”.


The occupation forces arrested a young man from the village of Issawiya and severely beat him while being detained and taken to the police vehicle.

Confiscating “eggs”

The occupation forces surrounded a grocery store in the village of Sur Baher, before storming it and confiscating dozens of eggs cartons.