Releasing two activists from Silwan and journalist Rinawi
April 16, 2020


The occupation Intelligence summoned two activists from Silwan, Shadi Sumrein and Fawzi Sha’ban, for investigation on suspicion of "coordinating with the Palestinian Ministry of Health" to open a section to take samples for "Corona virus tests" in the hall of Ein Silwan Mosque.

Sumrein explained that he denied the charge, and assured the investigator that conducting tests in the town is a good deed in light of the global epidemic and its wide spread, and the reason for his presence in the place is to take the test, as there were calls on social media to take tests.

The occupation intelligence released Sha’ban and Sumrein after detaining and interrogatingthem for several hours.

On the other hand, the occupation police released on Thursdayafternoon the Palestine Television reporter Christine Rinawi, after interrogating her for several hours, at Al-Maskobyeh police station in West Jerusalem, on the pretext of "violating the decision of the Israeli Security Minister to continue reporting Jerusalem news."

The occupation authorities stormed a house for Rinawi family in Beit Hanina, in an attempt to arrest her, but she was not present. The intelligence contacted her by phone and summoned her for immediate investigation.

Rinawi explained that the investigation was regarding the reporting of Jerusalem news via Palestine TV, thus violating the decision of the occupation authorities and "undermining Israeli sovereignty over the city."

During the investigation, the investigator informed her that the decision to prevent the banning of Palestine TV activities in Jerusalem would be renewed.