A settler stabs the youth Mohammad Natsheh in his neck and injures him
May 18, 2020


Mohammad Fadi Natsheh, 17, was injured in the neck, as a result of being stabbed by a settler while walking in Jaffa Street in West Jerusalem.

The injured boy is in Hadassah Hospital for treatment and observation of his health condition, after suffering injuries in his neck which required 5 stitches.

Mohammad talked about what happened with him while he was going to meet his friends in Al-Musrara Street in Jerusalem. A settler chased him and asked him to speak several times, but Mohammad kept walking and said: “He started verbally insulting me, and then I stopped to try and find out what he needed. He suddenly pulled me, then pulled out a knife, stabbed me in the neck and immediately fled the scene."

Mohammad added: "At that time, I felt suffocated and unable to breathe, and went to my friends who were several meters away from me, and told them about what happened, then we went to a police patrol in the area, and they were informed of the details of what happened. They called an ambulance which arrived about half an hour later."

In a statement, the police said that their forces arrested a suspect for assaulting a minor with a sharp object in Jerusalem.