Silwan- The Al-Khalis family self-demolishes two apartments
December 12, 2020

On Saturday, the Al-Khalis family self-demolished two apartments in the town of Silwan, by a decision of the occupation municipality.

The Al-Khalis family explained that they had begun implementing the self-demolition decision, in order to avoid paying a new fine of 300,000 shekels, and pointed out that the two apartments are owned by the two brothers; Mohammad and Mahmoud Al-Khalis.

The family explained that, about two months ago, the municipality's bulldozers demolished part of the two apartments, during which the demolition machines broke down and the demolition was disrupted and the municipality did not complete it. After the municipality and police staff withdrew from the place, a demolition fine of 70,000 shekels was imposed on the family, and the family was required to complete it on its own.

The family added that the building has been in place for a year.Mahmoud, his wife and 5 children and Mohammad and his wife and 3 children used to live in the apartments before they were demolished. It is noteworthy that the area of ​​each apartment is 90 square meters.