Pictures: The occupation authorities force a woman to self-demolish her house in Silwan…arrests from Issawiya
December 21, 2020

The occupation municipality forced Mrs. Shahira Ghaith to self-demolish her house in the neighborhood of Wadi Qaddoum in Silwan, on the pretext of building without a permit.

Mrs. Ghaith explained that she had been living in her house for 3 months, and the municipality pursued her and issued the demolition order. She was able to postpone it, and in the morning she was surprised by police forces surrounding the house. When asked about the reason for the raid, one of them informed her of the municipality’s refusal to freeze the demolition, and therefore the bulldozers will demolish it the next day and impose a fine of 70,000 shekels on her for “demolition fees”.

Ghaith added that she informed the policeman that the lawyer was able to postpone the demolition to 22/12/2020, but the policeman assured her that the municipality refused to postpone the demolition again and that the demolition order will be implemented.

Ghaith noted that she contacted the lawyer to inform him of the matter, and he called her back, confirming that the municipality refused to freeze or delay the decision to demolish the house.

Ghaith explained that she was forced to implement the demolition decision despite its difficulty, and despite the lack of any shelter for her. She said: “I will establish a tent and live in it with my children. I built the house from“reinforced sheet-pallets”, after living in rented homes for years.

In the village of Issawiya, the forces stormed the village, set up checkpoints inside its neighborhoods, and arrested Haitham Mustafa, Mohammad Mustafa, and Younes Abu al-Hummus.