Demolition in Issawiya village…arrests from Jerusalem
June 23, 2021

On Wednesday, the Israeli municipal bulldozers demolished a residential floor in the village of Issawiya in Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Mustafa Musa Alayan, explained that the mechanisms and crews of the municipality and the police stormed the family’s building and surrounded it, then they began to demolish the fourth floor that the family started building, which is two residential apartments, but it was forced to stop the construction after a decision by the municipality to do so.

The young man added that the family tried to license the floor within the "structural map of the village", but the municipality refused to do so, and its machinery carried out the demolition process using manual demolition tools such as "cranes, saws and shears."

On Tuesday, the Israeli municipality forced the Obeid family to self-demolish their under constructionresidential building.

Abdul Rahman Obeid explained that the municipality issued the demolition decision, and refused to freeze it and license the building, and ordered to self-demolish it, otherwise its mechanisms will do so, and he has to pay 400,000 shekels, "demolition fees to the municipality staff and the police."

On the other hand, the occupation forces arrested two young men on Wednesday evening; Huthaifa Abdeen and Anas Abdeen, from the Old City of Jerusalem.

The forces also stormed a house for the al-Fakhouri family in "Bab Hutta", and arrested the two brothers, Abdel Fattah and Anan al-Fakhouri, and Saeb al-Fakhouri.