Pictures…Demolishing a residential building by its owners…and an under-construction school by the occupation’s bulldozers
July 6, 2021

On Tuesday, the occupation municipality forced the Abu Ghannam family to self-demolish its building in the village of Al-Tur, while its bulldozers demolished an under-construction school in Shu’fat refugee camp in Jerusalem.

The Abu Ghannam family explained that the municipality has given it until Tuesday to implement the decision to demolish its residential building, otherwise it will do so, and the family will have to pay a demolition fee for the municipality’s staff of 200,000 shekels.

The Abu Ghannam family building consists of two floors, 3 apartments and an under-constructionapartment, in which Ahmed Abu Ghannam and his family of 8 live, and Mohammad and his family of 8 live in the second apartment while their sister with her family of 5 live in third apartment.

Ahmed Abu Ghannam explained that the building has been in existence since 2014, and the municipality issued a demolition decision in 2019, and at the end of last May, the municipality issued a final demolition decision without the possibility of postponing or freezing it.

Abu Ghannam pointed out that the municipality demolished his father’s house, Hajj Youssef Abu Ghannam, in 1994, and at that time they were all little boys.

Salwa Abu Ghannam said: "I lived through this suffering when our house was demolished 27 years ago. I lived the displacement and oppression with my husband and children, and today we experience it once again with the grandchildren. They aim to displace us, but we are steadfast and firm in this land."

Demolition of an under-construction school

In the morning, the occupation authorities demolished anunder-construction school in Shu’fat refugee camp in Jerusalem.

The camp residents confirmed that the occupation forces, accompanied by municipality crews, stormed the camp and completely surrounded a school that is under construction, then demolished it, despite the decision to “freeze the demolition.”