Silwan - The young man Harbi Al Rajbi was injured by the occupation bullets and the Makassed Hospital was raided
July 9, 2021

Friday evening, the young man Harbi Nidal Al Rajbi, age 18, was shot in the back, while walking in Bir Ayoub neighborhood in the village of Silwan.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem reported that the young man Harbi Al Rajbi was transferred to Al Makassed Hospital and entered directly into the operating room.

Regarding his health condition, his father, Nidal, said - according to the initial information available until now – “the doctors informed us that his situation is stable, and they were able to stop the bleeding, and he is still in the operating room.”

 He added that his son was on his to the mosque to pray, and was shot in the back by a live bullet, during the Occupation forces’ storming of Bir Ayoub neighborhood, and their random firing of  live bullets in the area.

Nidal Al Rajbi said: “There is no safety for a Jerusalemite while walking in the street, and there is no safety for him when he goes to pray, and there is no safety in his source of income or place of residence, which is threatened with demolition.”

A few days ago, the occupation forces demolished the commercial facility of Nidal Al Rajabi in Al Bustan neighborhood in Silwan.

The young man, Harbi Al Rajbi, is diabetic. He was arrested several times, the latest of which was last month. He has been severely beaten and taken away from the Old City of Jerusalem. He was also arrested in 2018 and subjected to harsh interrogations, then released under the condition of staying away from his place of residence in Silwan, and he was sentenced with house arrest.

The occupation forces raided Al Makassed Hospital, inspected its floors in search of the wounded young man. The Israeli Police also demanded to take the bullet that Harbi was shot by.