Prisoners’ Institutions: The occupation arrested 5426 Palestinians in the first half of 2021
July 19, 2021

Ramallah - The Israeli occupation forces have arrested (5426) Palestinians, since the beginning of this year 2021, until June 30th. Among them were (854) children and (107) women. The number of administrative detention orders issued reached (680) orders, including (312) new ones.

The number of arrest cases for the month of June 2021 reached (615), including (92) children and (24) women, while the number of administrative detention orders reached (100), including (65) new ones, and (35) renewals.

The Prisoners' Affairs and Human Rights Institutions (Prisoners Affairs Authority, Palestinian Prisoners Club, Al-Dameer Institution for Prisoner Care and Human Rights Foundation, and Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Silwan) indicated in a semi-annual report issued on Saturday, that the number of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in the occupation prisons reached about 4,850 prisoners at end of June 2021, including (41) females, and by the beginning of this July thenumber of female prisonersreached (43), while the number of child and minor detainees in the occupation prisons reached about (225), and the number of administrative detainees about (540).

A reading of the rate of arrests over the first six months of 2021

The highest rate of arrests was in May 2021, with 3100 arrests, which were actually linked to the level of confrontation, and the arrest campaigns in the occupied territories in 1948 represented a major shift on the arrests taking place, and at the time it amounted to 2000 arrests. The number of arrests in Jerusalemfrom the beginning of the confrontation in the month of April until the end of May reached 677.

The prisoners’ institutions confirm that the highest rate of arrests in the governorates was recorded in Jerusalem and its towns since the beginning of the year until June, with 1,699 arrests, including (83) females and (394) children.

When compared to the number of arrests recorded until the middle of last year, the rate has doubled.

A set of current issues constitute important axes for reading the systematic policies of the occupation and its violations on several levels, and we find that the policy of administrative detention, and the accompanying continuous confrontation through individual strikes carried out by a group of prisoners, are the most prominent policies imposed by the occupation, in addition to the continuous policy of medical neglect against prisoners. Jerusalem remains the most prominent station in the systematic arrests.