Beit Hanina…The Khader family is threatened with eviction from its home for the benefit of settlers
July 28, 2021

Recently, the Department of Procedure and Implementation handed the Khader family a decision on the date for evacuating their homes and land in the town of Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, under the pretext that the land belongs to the Jews.

Alaa Khader explained that the occupation authorities gave the family two weeks "until the middle of next August" to implement the eviction decision, after years of fighting in the courts to establish their right to the land purchased by their grandmother in the fifties of the last century.

Alaa Khader added that the settlement associations claim ownership of the plot of land with an area of "2 Dunoms", on which their houses are built, in addition to the homes of other families. However, the families have papers and documents confirming their ownership of the land as well.

Khader explained that the family's land has an area of 800 square meters and has 5 apartments built on it, housing 25 people, including "sick" elderly people, and 7 children.

Khader added: "In 2000, the family added a building to the old apartment that had existed since the sixties, and the municipality issued a demolition decision, and financial violations were imposed "building without a permit” on the family, and we were forced to demolish part of the new building, and over the years we worked to issue a building permit due to narrowness housing, and indeed we were able to do so in 2014."

Khader continued: "As soon as we obtained a building permit, we were surprised by the settler associations claiming ownership of the land, and they handed us judicial reports. Then the struggle began in the courts to refute the settlers' claims through papers and documents, but to no avail. After the rejection of our appeal, the Supreme Court refused to consider the file, and kept the previous decisions.” The final eviction decision was issued last April. A few days ago, the family received the eviction decision from the “Procedure Department” demanding to vacate within two weeks.”

Khader pointed out that his father suffered a stroke during a court session in February, which left him with hemiplegia.