Silwan…Leaking an apartment in Wadi Hilweh neighborhood to settlers
July 28, 2021

On Wednesday, Fawzya Bader Zahran leaked an apartment in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood in Silwan, to the Elad settlement association.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem clarified that the apartment is located in "Baydoun neighborhood" in Silwan, and it is owned by Fawzya Zahran, the wife of the late Ahmad Jum'a al-Qaq. The late Ahmad gave it up under a periodic, non-isolable power of attorney in 1993, and it was registered in her name, meaning that she had owned the property for more than 25 years - according to the al-Qaq family.

The center added that Zahran has been living in Jordan for about two months, and according to the preliminary information available, she signed a lease contract for her apartment to Kayed Qirresh from the Old City of Jerusalem for a period of one year, for "24,000 shekels", and the contract expires early next year.

Kayed Qirresh told dignitaries from the town of Silwan, that one of the contractors, "Ramzi Abu Qteish", guided him to the house and that it was offered for rent, then he agreed with Zahran and sat with her several times in Jabal Al-Mukabber and signed a lease agreement with her, and after about 5 months the talk started about “leaking” it to the settlers.

He added that the contractor, "Ramzi Abu Qteish," carried out the necessary repairs to the house.

The center added that Kayed Qirresh left the apartment 22 days ago, and when Silwan's notables contacted him to find out the reason for leaving the house, he said that he felt betrayed inside his house, "and left without handing over its keys until today."

The center confirmed that in the afternoon, 8 settlers entered the house with its keys, and immediately put surveillance cameras and installed window grilles.

The new settlement outpost is surrounded by several outposts in the Baydoun neighborhood that were leaked to the Elad Settlement Association over the past years.

A statement from the Al-Qaq family

The Al-Qaq family issued on Wednesday evening a statement denying any relations to the so-called Fawzya Al-Qaq, and said: “We are the sons and grandsons of the late Hajj Ahmad Jum’a al-Qaq “Abu Anis.” We announce that we don’t have anything to do with Fawzya Bader Zahran, the wife of our late father, for what she did which is against our religion and her duty to preserve what she owned of real estate, and her violation of what we lived and fought for, which is our principle and our right to defend our homes and lands in Jerusalem, as she had betrayed religion and land and leaked a property in Wadi Hilweh neighborhood in Silwan to settlers, and this property is registered in her name, then she fled to Jordan.”

Al-Qaq family’s statement explained: “The leak of the property was carried out with the help of her brothers residing in Jordan, namely” Fawzi Bader Zahran, nicknamed Abu Osama, Mohammad Bader Zahran, nicknamed Abu Hassan, Imad Bader Zahran, and her nephew Osama Fawzi Bader Zahran, who resides in Ein Al-Lozeh neighborhood in Silwan.

The family’s statement added: “The property is owned by Fawzya, and our father ceded it to her under an irrevocable periodic power of attorney in 1993, and it was registered in her name, meaning that she owned the property for more than 25 years and had full power over it.”

The statement continued: "We have informed the official authorities of this to annul the sale, and their brothers in Jordan were contacted by us and through a lawyer in Jordan, but to no avail, and accordingly, we, as the Al-Qaq family, announce it to everyone, that we have nothing to do with her and that she and her brothers bear this crime alone."

The Al-Qaq family held the family of Bader Zahran all legal responsibility for this act.