After arresting and detaining him for hours…expelling the Jerusalemite activist Mohammad Abu al-Hummos from Al-Aqsa Mosque 
July 19, 2022

On Tuesday, the occupation authorities expelled the Jerusalemite activist, Mohammad Abu al-Hummus, from Al-Aqsa Mosque for a week.

Activist Abu al-Hummus explained that the occupation police arrested him from inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque, while filming the settlers’ incursions into the mosque in the afternoon.

 Abu al-Hummus added that the settlers came out of al-Silsileh Gate, and immediately the police arrested him and transferred him to Beit El-Yahoo police station, then to Al-Buraq Square, before being transferred to Al-Qishleh police station for investigation.

He added: "At Al-Qishleh center, I received a decision banning me from entering Al-Aqsa or being at its gates for a week, and the investigator also asked me to come to the center for the possibility of renewing my expulsion for a period that may extend for months.”