The Al-Ibrahimia and Al-Iman Schools with all its branches - withdrawal of permanent work permits from 6 schools
July 29, 2022

The Ministry of Education in the occupation government withdrew the licenses of 6 schools in the city of Jerusalem for a year, under the pretext of “incitement in textbooks against the occupation state and army.”

The decision includes Al-Ibrahimia School in Al-Sowaneh, and Al-Iman Schools with all its branches in Beit Hanina in Jerusalem.

The ministry said in a statement that it will withdraw from the above mentioned schools the permanent work permit and replace it with a temporary permit for one year, and its renewal is conditional on amending the teaching curriculum and what it called "inciting content against the Israeli government and the army."

The ministry said that there were contents in the textbooks about the prisoners, about preventing treatment for the injured, controlling water sources, the Nakba and Naksa, and the ministry quoted in its statement several texts on this.

The ministry added that what it called "inflammatory contents" were "discovered" during an operation by inspectors of the "rescue department in the Monitoring Department of the Ministry of Education.”

The ministry added that it had summoned the principals of the six schools to a hearing, at the end of which it was decided, under the direction of the Minister of Education, Shasha Biton, to withdraw the "permanent employment" license.

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Education confirmed that what the occupation authorities did to cancel the licenses of 6 private schools in the city of Jerusalem; because of teaching the Palestinian curriculum as one of the basic rights guaranteed by international conventions and covenants, and it is part of the occupation’s policy in education, which is a flagrant violation of the right of Palestinian students to education in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Ministry of Education indicated that it is following up with international human rights and legal institutions, such as UNESCO, UN institutions, and relevant friendly countries, to assume its responsibilities, and to compel the occupation to enforce laws and agreements relating to the right of Jerusalemite students to education freely and with dignity, stressing that the occupation’s action against Jerusalem schools is totally rejected, and falls within the framework of the war on the collective national identity, and the distortion and falsification of facts.

As for the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs, it has warned against the attempts of the Israeli occupation authorities to impose the Israeli curriculum on schools in occupied Jerusalem by force.

It indicated in a statement issued this evening, Thursday, that the Israeli government, after its failure to persuade schools, students and parents to accept the Israeli curriculum, is now trying to impose it by force or at least adopt curricula that adopt the Israeli narrative and erase the Palestinian identity.

The Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs affirmed its rejection and condemnation of all Israeli attempts to family education in the occupied city of Jerusalem through the pressures escalated by the occupation against schools by withdrawing licenses and stipulating that they be returned to cancel everything related to the Palestinian identity in the Palestinian educational curricula.

The statement also said: "Attempting to force a change in the Palestinian curricula is like declaring war on the Palestinian-Arab identity of the Palestinian schools in the city."