Two children are critically injured…the martyrdom of a child from Gaza at Al-Maqased
August 10, 2022

The 10-year-old girl, Layan Musleh Al-Shaer, was martyred in Al-Maqased Hospital in Jerusalem, as a result of her injury in the Gaza Stripduring the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The girl, Layan Al-Shaer, arrived with two other children at Al-Maqased Hospital last Tuesday evening, and she was in a very critical condition.

Jerusalemites performed the funeral prayer for the little girl, Layan, before she was transferred to the Gaza Strip to be buried.

The girl's motherexplained that the family was on their way for a picnic to the beach, and during that time the explosion occurred "a few meters from where they were walking", and the shrapnel hit the vehicle, and some of the passengers, including the girl, Layan, were injured.

The mother of the girl, who was accompanying her said: “Four people were injured while inside the vehicle, but Layan was seriously injured. In Gaza, the shrapnel that was directly hit in the brain was cleaned, and she was transferred to Jerusalem in a difficult health condition until she was martyred this morning.

Meanwhile, the children, Muhammad Uday Abu Katifa, 8 years old, and Nayef Khaled Al-Awdat, 9 years old, are still receiving treatment in Al-Maqased Hospital.

Ibtisam Ghareeb, head of the pediatric department at Al-Maqased Hospital in Jerusalem, described the injuries as very serious, and said: “The injured are connected to respirators, and all injuries are directly to the head.”

The head of the pediatric department at Al-Maqased Hospital added that the child, Mohammad Uday Abu Katifa, 8 years old, was hit by shrapnel directly in the head, chest and lungs, while he was at his cousin's wedding.

His grandmother accompanying him explained that rockets were fired at the jeep carrying the groom's parents, and shrapnel was scattered around the "wedding tent." The groom's mother and granddaughter were martyred, and relatives, including Mohammad, were wounded.

As for Nayef Khaled Al-Awdat, 9, who was visiting his grandmother and went out to buy sweets from a nearby grocery store, he was hit by shrapnel from a missile directly in the head.