An order to confiscate the funds of 49 prisoners from Jerusalem and the 1948 lands
September 23, 2022

The Minister of Defense in the occupation government recently issued an order to seize and confiscate the funds of Palestinian prisoners, from the city of Jerusalem and the 1948 lands, according to the “So-called Anti-Terrorism Law of 2019” // a seizure order, on the pretext of “supporting terrorism.”

According to the decision signed by Defense Minister Benjamin Gantz, "the money that the prisoners receive from the Palestinian Authority is money obtained as a reward in exchange for committing terrorist operations."

Amjad Abu Asab, head of the Jerusalem Prisoners' Families Committee, explained that the decision targets 49 prisoners, both from Jerusalem and inside the 1948 lands.

Abu Asab added that 8 of the targeted Jerusalemite prisoners were: 7 in captivity, 1 of the released prisoners.

Abu Asab pointed out that the occupation authorities, according to the decision, imposed huge sums of money on each prisoner, and the implementation of the decision began by seizing bank accounts.

Abu Asab mentioned some of the prisoners who were included in the decision: Maher Younes, Karim Younes, Walid Daqqa, Ibrahim Bayadsa, Musa Al-Ajlouni, Muwaffaq Al-Khatib, Ishaq Arafeh, Mohammad Abu Kaf, and Muhannad Jweihan