12 days after the Shu’fat refugee camp operation... Uday al-Tamimi was martyred while carrying out a second operation in the settlement of "Ma'ale Adomim"
October 19, 2022


On Wednesdayevening, the pursued young man Uday Al-Tamimi was martyred, after he carried out a shooting attack at the entrance to the "Ma'ale Adomim" settlement, east of Jerusalem.

The pursued young man Uday al-Tamimi was shot dead by one of the settlement’s guards, as a video recording published by the occupation authorities showed an armed clash between the young man and the settlement’s guards, who continued to shoot him after his first injury to the leg and his fall to the ground, and after being injured and unable to move completely, the guards advanced towards him and one of them pointed his weapon at him.

The occupation authorities have been chasing the young man Uday Al-Tamimi, from Shu’fat refugee camp, since Saturday 8/10/2022, after he carried out a shooting attack at the Shu’fat camp checkpoint, which led to the death of a female soldier and the injury of a guard at the checkpoint. The recording showed that Al-Tamimi got out of a vehicle while it was passing through the checkpoint and shot at a group of soldiers at the site, then withdrew towards the Shu’fat refugee camp.

Over the past days, the occupation authorities carried out several measures and attacks against the Shu’fat camp and the Anata area, under the pretext of “searching for the young man Uday Al-Tamimi.” In the very first days after the shooting, the occupation authorities imposed a complete siege on the area, and isolated it from its surroundings, and closed the two main entrances to Shu’fat refugee camp and Anata, for 5 days, and during these days, the forces prevented entry or exit from the area “patients, students, workers, employees..” until food supplies began to run out from the area, and garbage piled up in the streets of the camp and Anata because trucks were prevented from entering to collect garbage and clean the area, in addition to carrying out raids, arrests and summons to members of the family of Uday al-Tamimi, and the area witnessed daily and around-the-clock confrontations.

The occupation authorities retracted the closure and siege of the area, after declaring civil disobedience in the camp, and on its second day and in support of the camp, the city of Jerusalem committed to a comprehensive strike, and Jerusalem rose up in all towns and neighborhoods.

Until the past hours, the occupation authorities continued to abuse the residents of Shu’fat refugee camp and Anata, by carrying out daily incursions and tightening inspection procedures at the military checkpoint and Anata entrance, especially in the morning and afternoon hours, when people are heading to schools and work.