The boy Mohammad Abu Qteish…shot in the lung…storming his house…summonses and arrests
October 23, 2022

 The 16-year-old boy, Mohammad Rajab Abu Qteish, is receiving treatment at Hadassah Issawiya Hospital, after he was shot in the lung on Saturday afternoon, inside the Sheikh Jarrah playground in Jerusalem.

The occupation police claimed that the boy carried out a stabbing attack near the light rail station "near the settlement of French Hill", and fled towards the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to reach the stadium, and the policeman shot him.

The lawyer of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, Firas Al-Jabrini, stated that the boy, Mohammad Abu Qteish, was lying in the intensive care unit at Hadassah Issawiya Hospital.

Lawyer Al-Jabrini added that the boy is in a difficult but stable health condition.

Al-Jabrini added that the forces arrested yesterday evening Rajab Abu Qteish - the father of the wounded boy- and his brother Majd, and released them after midnight, and this morning summoned his mother for investigation.

On Saturday evening, the forces stormed the home of the boy Abu Qteish, in Shu’fat refugee camp, and evacuated those present except for the family members, and they searched and vandalized the contents of the house, during which clashes erupted in the vicinity of the house.

Regarding the shooting incident inside the playground, coach Anas Tufaha explained that a policeman was chasing a boy who entered the Sheikh Jarrah playground, while dozens of children and mothers were inside, and during that the police shot the boy from close range.

In large numbers, the occupation forces, accompanied by intelligence and senior officers, stormed Sheikh Jarrah playground, forcibly evacuated those present from inside, and prevented children from taking out their bags or training purposes.

The children were in a state of extreme fear, when they saw the scene of shooting at one of the boys and surrounding him while he was bleeding.

Paramedic Seif Abu Jum’a from the “Sama Al-Quds Association” explained that the shooting at the boy coincided with a training of paramedics in one of the playgrounds in the place. Dozens of paramedics and trainees were present at the site, and they immediately tried to go to the boy to provide him with first aid, but the forces assaulted them and expelled them by force, and prevented them from treating the injured, until the "Israeli ambulance crews" arrived.

The paramedic, Abu Jum'a, explained that the forces beat and pushed the boy, while he was wounded on the ground.