The municipality forces two families to demolish their homes in Jerusalem
October 29, 2022

On Saturday, the occupation municipality forced the families of Abu Asab and Abu Issa to self-demolish their homesunder the pretext of building without a permit.

On Saturday morning, Azzam Abu Asab emptied the contents of his house on Salah El-Din Street, then demolished the roofs by a decision from the municipality, pointing out that the house had been in existence for seven years.

Abu Asab pointed out that the municipality imposed a building violation on him worth 30,000 shekels, and 10 people live in it.

As for the young man, Abdel Hadi Abu Issa, he was preparing his house in Shu’fat to live in, and during that time the municipality issued a demolition decision, and on Saturday he was forced to implement the decision.

The family explained that the municipality imposed financial violations of 80,000 shekels on the 50-square-meter house.