Occupation forces arrest two women from the Old City of Jerusalem
September 4, 2023

On Monday evening, the Israeli occupation forces arrested two young women, near Hutta Gate - one of the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Eyewitnesses explained that the Israeli forces assaulted a woman at Hutta Gate- one of the Al-Aqsa gates - by beating and pushing her, and then arrested her.

The police said in a statement that the woman is a 44-year-old Palestinian from Jenin who tried to stab one of its members at Hutta Gate.

The Israeli occupation forces also arrested another woman as soon as she left the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Israeli forces attacked the worshipers in Al-Aqsa courtyards, in conjunction with the arrest of the Palestinian woman, and also closed the gates of Al-Aqsa and prevented the worshipers from leaving it after the end of the evening prayer, until the woman was taken to the detention center and the forces searched the area around the place of arrest.