The forces arrest two boys from Jerusalem
September 7, 2023

The Israeli occupation forces arrested, at dawn Thursday, two boys from the city of Jerusalem.

The Israeli forces and intelligence raided the towns of al-Tur and Silwan, and arrested two boys after storming their homes.

Siraj Abu Arafeh, the lawyer for the Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, explained that the forces arrested Mahmoud Khweis and Mo’men Salaymeh.

On Wednesday evening, the "Musta’ribeen” individuals (undercover police) stormed the village of Issawiya, and arrested the boys Kamal Mustafa and Bisan Obeid.

Lawyer Abu Arafeh explained that the police extended the detention of Bisan Obeid to present him to court, while Kamal Mustafa was released on the condition of house arrest until next Saturday.