Day 85: Jerusalem during “Al-Aqsa Flood” Operation
December 30, 2023

On the 85th day of “Al-Aqsa Flood Operation”, confrontations broke out in the town of Silwan, and the forces stormed the house of the martyr Ahmed Alayan, while the siege imposed on Al-Aqsa Mosque continued.

Silwan: Confrontations, home invasions, and attacks on residents

On Saturday evening, the occupation forces stormed several homes in the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood in Silwan, after deploying at the entrances to the neighborhood, the roads leading to it, and in its streets and alleys, and randomly throwing sound bombs, gas bombs, and rubber bullets.

Zuhair Al-Rajabi, head of the Batn Al-Hawa Neighborhood Committee, explained to the Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, that the forces stormed the neighborhood and raided many homes belonging to the Al-Rajabi family, and attacked its residents with pepper gas, beatings, and pushing.

Al-Rajabi added that the forces stormed Kayed Al-Rajabi's house and attacked the residents with gas and sound bombs.

A force also stormed his house and asked him to go to the roof of the house. Despite his confirmation that there was no roof, the forces conducted a complete search of his house and as they left, they randomly sprayed pepper gas, which led to suffocation among those present, including children.

On the one hand, Jadallah Al-Rajabi said that the forces stormed his house while no family members were present, and took off the doors and smashed them, pointing out that the forces stole gold jewelry and a sum of money from his house during the search and raid.

Al-Rajabi pointed out that his brothers informed the forces that the residents were not in the house, but the forces insisted on storming and searching.

On Al-Ain Street, young men threw firecrackers towards the “Myohes” settlement outpost, while large forces stormed the place, deployed in several neighborhoods in the town and fired live bullets.

Jabal Al-Mukabber

The forces stormed the house of the martyr Ahmed Alayan, and demanded that no one be present in the martyr’s house, except for the house’s residents only, threatening to use force if they gathered in the place.

The martyr Alayan passed away on Thursday evening, after being shot at the Mazmoria checkpoint.

The siege of Al-Aqsa continues

For the 14th week in a row, the occupation authorities continue their siege of Al-Aqsa Mosque, imposing severe restrictions on entry and allowing small numbers of worshipers, most of whom are elderly people and women.

The forces continue to station themselves at the gates of Al-Aqsa, place iron barriers over it, and search and verify the identities of all arrivals.

Forces also continue to deploy in the streets of Jerusalem, setting up checkpoints in the streets and inside the towns.