An appeal to the Supreme Court to set a date to release the detained Martyr’s bodies
March 17, 2016

Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, submitted on Thursday morning an appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court requesting to order the police to set a date to release the bodies of Jerusalemites Martyrs detained in the refrigerators.

Lawyer Mahmoud added that the appeal asked the court to order the Israeli police and public prosecution to immediately set a date to release detained Jerusalemite bodies in order to bury them according to heavenly laws.

The lawyer added that the appeal came after few months of delaying by the police and intelligence service despite the presence of a decision to release them.

He said: “The appeal submitted to the Supreme Court was not about releasing the Martyrs’ bodies since the intelligence had issued a decision to release them at the end of last year but they keep on delaying the execution.”

The lawyer confirmed in the appeal that the continuous delay is unjustified since the bodies of all Palestinian Martyr’s have been released except for the Jerusalemite Martyrs.

Lawyer Mahmoud pointed out that the occupation authorities continue to detaine the bodies of 13 Jerusalemite Martyrs. They are: Thaer Abu Ghazaleh (19), Hasan Khaled Manasra (15), Baha’ Mohammad Alayan (22), Ala’ Daoud Abu Jamal (32), Mutaz Ahmad Aweisat (16), Mohammad Abed Nimer (37), Omar Yaser Iskafi (21), Abdel Muhsen Hassouneh (21), Mohammad Abu Khalaf (20), Fadwa Abu Ter (51), Fouad Abu Rajab (21), Mohammad Jamal Kaloti (21) and Abdel Malek Saleh Khroub (19). The Martyrs are from the Old City of Jerusalem, Jabal Al-Mukabber, Beit Hanina, Esawyeh, Kufor Aqab and Um Tuba.