Extensions of arrest…releases
March 20, 2017

The Israeli judge acquitted the child Majd Al-A’war from the charges of “throwing Molotov Cocktails” and convicted him of being in areas of clashes. Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that acquitting his client came after hearing the testimonies of the occupation forces; sentencing was postponed until 5/4/2017.

The judge extended the arrest of Mohammad Dar Taha (minor) until 21/3/2017, Amer Qunbar until 23/3/2017 and Daoud Abu Aweis until 29/3/2017.


Lawyer Mahmoud added that the judge decided to release the children Ahmad Mheisen and his twin-brother Mohammad (13) and Mohammad Ramzi Mheisen (13) on condition of house-arrest until next Sunday while allowing them to go to their schools, a 750-NIS bail and a third-party bail while Mohammad Siam was released with a 5-thousand NIS third-party bail.

The judge also released Omar Rweidat, Hussein Shkeirat, Ri’as Shkeirat, Bassam Shkeirat, Mohammad Shkeirat, Eyad Shkeirat and Mohammad Hussein with a 500-NIS bail and a third-party bail for each.