Pictures: Demolitions in Wadi Al-Joz and Esawyeh
November 15, 2017

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Wednesday an agricultural establishment and storage room in the village of Esawyeh and neighborhood of Wadi Al-Joz in Jerusalem under the pretext of building without a permit.


Mohammad Abu Hummos, member of follow-up committee in the village of Esawyeh, explained that the occupation’s bulldozers demolished an agricultural establishment that included several rooms built from tin plates and owned by Omar Dari. The demolition was executed under the pretext of building without a permit. It is noteworthy that Dari has been trying to obtain a building permit and currently holds a court order to stop the demolition.

Abu Hummos added that the demolition was executed in the area that is at risk of being seized in favor of the “National Park”.

Wadi Al-Joz

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers and Nature and Parks authority also demolished storage room and seized a “container” in the neighborhood of Wadi Al-Joz in Jerusalem.

The forces raided the neighborhood and issued traffic tickets to more than 15 busses under the pretext of parking in a “No Park” zone.