Pictures- Arrests…demolition…and confiscating goods in the village of Silwan
December 26, 2017

On Tuesday morning, the occupation forces executed a series of arrests and raided multiple houses and commercial establishments in the village of Silwan in Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the occupation forces along with intelligence personnel raided the neighborhoods of Silwan in the early morning hours and were deployed in the streets before storming into houses and arresting several youths and young men.

The locals of Silwan explained to Wadi Hilweh Information center that the forces deliberately searched and tampered the contents of their houses while executing arrests. They also assaulted and pushed some of the detainees.

The center explained that the detainees are:

  1. Mohammad Sarhan, 14
  2. Mo’men Abbasi
  3. Mufeed Mohammad Abbasi
  4. Fouad Al-Qaq, 20
  5. Oday Samer Abu Tayeh, 20
  6. Mohammad Zidani
  7. Amjad Shweiki, 43
  8. Mohannad Kawasmi, 24
  9. Mohammad Shyoukhi
  10. Karim Shyoukhi
  11. Basel Hamzeh Shallodi, 17
  12. Hamada Odeh
  13. Mohamamd Mousa Abbasi, 20

The forces also handed requests for interrogation for several young men including Emad Al-Din Abbasi (30) and Oday Mohammad Abbasi (26).

The center was informed that the intelligence personnel transferred the detainees to Salah Al-Din Street police station and Al-Maskobyeh police center.

In the early morning hours, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the neighborhoods of Ein Al-Lozeh and Bi’er Ayoub in Silwan, and raided commercial stores and checked their documents. They also confiscated goods that were displayed outside the stores.

The center learned that the bulldozers of the Israeli municipality demolished a public room in Bi'er Ayoub, built of bricks and roofed with tin plates; it was established nearly 5 years ago. They also demolished a barracks in Ein Al-Lozeh established since 2002.

The center added that the occupation authorities removed one of the doors of a shop that sells gas cylinders and confiscated some of them. They also confiscated a refrigerator from in front of a shop, in addition to the confiscation of vehicles parked in the streets of the village.

The municipality staffs removed and dismantled the signs of some shops, including the banner of “Madar” medical center.
The center added that the occupation authorities removed the slogans written on the walls of the village of Silwan.

The occupation forces continued to deploy in the streets of the village and were stopping and searching young men, while the police were stopping and checking vehicles as well as passengers’ IDs and randomly issuing tickets.

The forces also raided a restaurant in the village and confiscated 7 gas cylinders from inside.

The locals of Silwan explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the occupation authorities issued tickets for vehicles parked in front of houses and commercial establishments.

A local said that they forced a scrap shop owner to remove the door of his store under the pretext of not having a license.

The center also learned that municipality crews raided Al-Ein Street in Silwan and stormed into commercial stores where they checked their documents and licenses.

Part of the frantic campaign carried out against the village of Silwan, the forces confiscated a donkey and arrested its owner.

The occupation authorities also issued fines for some locals under the pretext of owning “unlicensed animals”.