Under conditions - The body of the martyr, Wadi’ Abu Rammouz, will be handed over
May 30, 2023

The occupation intelligence decided to hand over the body of the martyr, Wadi’ Abu Rammouz, to be buried in the Lions Gate cemetery.

The lawyer of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that within one hour the body of the martyr Abu Rammouz will be handed over at the Lions Gate, under the following conditions: 25 people can participate in the funeral, preventing the entry of phones during the burial and hand-over of the body, preventing the raising of banners and flags during the funeral, preventing him from being washed and shrouded outside the cemetery, in addition to paying 10,000 shekels to "ensure the implementation of the conditions.

Lawyer Mahmoud explained that he submitted a petition to the Supreme Court last March, requesting that the body of the martyr Abu Rammouz be handed over for burial, and the

Supreme Court approved the petition on conditions determined by the police at the time.

On the twenty-seventh of last January, Wadi’ Abu Rammouz, a young man from the town of Silwan, was martyred due to his injury in the town of Silwan.