Confiscation of property and funds- campaign against the Jerusalemite prisoners
June 26, 2023

On Monday, the Israeli occupation forces broke into the homes of the families of freed prisoners in the towns and neighborhoods of the city of Jerusalem, and confiscated sums of money and vehicles for the prisoners and their families.

Amjad Abu Asab, head of the Committee for the Families of the Jerusalemite Prisoners, explained that the occupation authorities targeted more than 16 homes of the freed Jerusalemite prisoners, deliberately tampered with the contents of the houses and searched them, and confiscated money, vehicles, motorcycles, and gold from many of them, under the pretext of "receiving money from the Palestinian Authority."

Abu Asab added that among the houses that were raided were the houses of: Basil Obeidat, Musa Fatafta, Yacoub Abu Asab, Omar Obaid, Alaa Salah, Ezz al-Din Barbar and his son Abd al-Rahim, Ghazi Kan’an, Mohammad Odeh, Mohammad Bakr Mustafa, Majd Karki, Ahmed Manasara, Anas Abu Sneineh, Hassan Khalfawi, Mohammad Kamal Obeid, Khalil Ghazawi, and Shu’aib Abu Sneineh "deported to Gaza Strip".

The campaign included: The Old City of Jerusalem, Issawiya, Silwan, Al-Tur, Sowaneh, Jabal al-Mukabber, and Beit Hanina.

The center explained that some of the prisoners were handed a "seizure and confiscation order" after destroying their homes.

Since 2020, the Israeli occupation authorities have, from time to time, carried out a campaign of incursions, confiscation of money and property, and seizure of bank accounts of Jerusalemite prisoners and freed prisoners, under the pretext of "receiving money from the Palestinian Authority, as a reward for committing terrorist acts.

The police said in a statement that they have seized 270 thousand shekels in cash and gold, 7 vehicles and a motorcycle, in addition to putting a hold on 16 bank accounts.