Prohibition of the ceremony "honoring the Tawjihi students" ... arrests… expulsions from Al-Aqsa
September 22, 2023

On Thursday evening, the 19-year-old Daoud Ayed Attiya was seriously wounded, after being shot at one of the "light rail" stations at the entrance to the town of Shu’fat, north of Jerusalem.

The police said in a statement that the young Palestinian man stabbed one of the guards at the light rail station, slightly injuring him in the palm of his hand.

Shots were fired at the young man, and his injury was described as serious.

In the village of Issawiya - the hometown of Daoud Attiya - the forces with their various elements "special forces, police, intelligence" and the waste water vehicle stormed the village, and threw sound bombs heavily in the roads and around the house of the young man Attiya, and then stormed his house.

Daoud’s uncle explained that the family did not have any information about the health status of their son who is undergoing treatment at the "Shaare Zedek” hospital, pointing out that the forces broke into the house and searched and destroyed his room and its contents.

The forces arrested A’ed Attiya - Daoud’s father- and Ali Attiya – Daoud’s brother - from the entrance to the village of Issawiya, as the residents explained.

Violent and scattered confrontations broke out in the village of Issawiya, between the forces and the youth, and the forces fired sound and gas bombs and rubber bullets.

A youth march also marched towards the young man Attiya's house.